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The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms can quite literally save your life. The purpose of smoke alarms is to alert you of smoke caused by a fire so that you can still have time to safely leave the area. The simple act of hiring a professional smoke alarm installer can keep you safe.

Why is My Smoke Alarm Beeping

Why is My Smoke Alarm Beeping?

There are several reasons why your smoke alarm might be beeping. First, it may be detecting smoke. Second, the battery may be low. If you hear your smoke alarm beeping, you should first check for any signs of fire. If there is no fire or smoke present, try changing the battery and see if that stops the beeping.

Why Should Smoke Alarms Be Cleaned

Why Should Smoke Alarms Be Cleaned

In order for smoke alarms to work efficiently, they should be cleaned every six months. In order to preserve the condition of your smoke alarm, it’s best that a professional home safety company, like Smoke Alarms Sunshine Coast, does the cleaning. Many people don’t understand why smoke alarms should be cleaned. However, dust, pollen, pet dander, and cooking vapors can contaminate your smoke alarm and cause false readings.

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How to Accurately Test a Smoke Alarm

When many home safety companies test newly installed smoke detectors, they test them using the “test” button on the smoke alarm device. However, that is not the most accurate way to test a smoke alarm device because it simply tests if the alarm button is working- not if the alarm can accurately detect smoke. Instead, professional home safety companies should test smoke alarms with real smoke.